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Wait....It's over?

Just wishing everyone a Happy New Year!!

Goodbye to 2009: even your bad times have had a silver lining.


Why must you pain me so?

First post in, oh, 6 months, and it's fandom related. LJ how I've missed you!

So I keep hearing stories about how bad and amazing Season 5 Supernatural is. So why have ITV not managed ot get a hold of the rights to show this in the new year? I hear vicious rumours that Virgin has bought the rights.

Looks like I shall have to wait for the DVD. GRR

Plus I missed Dr Who on Sunday.

My fandom week has been an eic fail.

How flammable do you think this place is?

Went to see a local band last night with funmonkey and house mate. Whilst waiting for the band to start, there was a supporting band. Who specialised in 80's electro...rock? It's probably the only way I can describe it. Men wearing bowler hats, tattoos and military overcoats.

I'm a fan of bad 80's music, but I when the fans shouted for an encore, I nearly cried.

The band I went to see rocked, though. So overall yay.

Kitty cat

My cat has taken to sleeping in her litter tray.

She has a blanket and her own little box she adopted a while ago. She is old. Maybe she's lost the rest of her mind? Should I be concerned? Or simply chalk it up to being one of these weird cat things?

Look at it. Just look

I'm fairly excited about going to a glam rock night on saturday.

Is that wrong? Or maybe just very, very right?


I find lentils completely incomprehensible

Is 24 too old to dye my hair weird and wonderful colours? Would it end up looking more emo than funky?

In other news, I'm seeing Basement Jaxx in a few weeks. That's a sentence that a week ago I was sure I would never be tempted to say. I'm so easily led astray.

Still can't decide if I like Dollhouse. Sometimes I want it to hurry up and get to where it's going. But then there is a typical Joss Whedon line and find myself giggling and wanting to keep him chained to my radiator for ever and ever. Don't worry, he would get treats and a shiny laptop so that he could stay in business.
How did I not know that Dr Horrible's Sing A Long Blog existed before cribbins told me about it? From the first evil laugh, I was hooked.

I mean who can resist these two...

Am reading Watchmen in eager anticipation of the film to come out. I confessed to captainlogic that a lot of my knowledge of American history is being learnt from reading this. She wasn't suprised. I'm hoping that she wasn't suprised because my general ignorance has become commonplace, but for some other reason. I probably shouldn't ask :)

In other news...still no job. *sigh*

We should take this on the road

When did it become completely normal to attack my housemate on the floor with sceneted oils and the phrase, 'spread 'em bitch'?

It's only to massage the poor sod's slipped disc.


Polka will never die

Fic: Supernatural/RPF(Derren Brown)

I kid you not. cribbins has actually written the above crossover. IT IS MADE OF AWESOME.

He's Not the Messiah, He's A Very Naughty Boy

I urge you to read it, right now. Even if you don't know either of them, it is still an amazing piece of prose that will have you giggling insanely, and desperate to find out what happens next. The ony down side is that it is a one shot, and I really would love to read more, so really not much of a down side I suppose.

Em and I were in Paris last weekend. Went to the Musee d'Orsay first of all, and we ooh'd and ahhh'd over all of the Van Gogh, Renoir, Cezanne pieces. But what did we go nutty over? The art nouveau furniture display downstairs. It was so pretty!!! Yes, the interior design course was a good idea apparently.

We ate far too much cheese and pastry. BUT I REGRET NOTHING. Hotel was flooded, but when walking all over the city we realised that we are actually getting to grips with where we are when in Paris. Felt vaguely smug and worldly.

Unemployment still pretty much sucks, but it does mean I get to study more. In fact thinking of moving back to Nottingham for the next couple of years where there are more jobs and cheaper rents than London.

Fic: Antisocial Bastard

Title: Antisocial Bastard
Pairing: Fraser/Kowalski
Rating: pg
Word Count:689
Summary: Ray is not amused with his partner’s anti-social behaviour, confronts him about it, and in the process learns all about Freudian slips. Taken from a prompt by Captainlogic.
Disclaimer: These are not my characters (more's the pity) and I am making no profit on this.

Antisocial BastardCollapse )